The Stepping Stones Bereavement Support Group will next meet on 8 August 2019, meetings will take place every month at 10.30am in the Parlour (off the church hall).  Anyone seeking support after a bereavement will receive a warm welcome.

Wednesday 21 August at 1.30pm.
If you are retired - come and enjoy a Film Show in the Church Hall Parlour. 

This is a friendly group and bring along suggestions for future showings.  We have a break half way through the film, which gives us a chance to chat over a drink and a biscuit ( cost £1.00).  We would love to see YOU and there would definately be a warm welcome.

We also have a Games Afternoon for the retired (mainly non-churchgoers), starting at 1.30pm, meeting in the Church Hall Parlour.  This is a relaxed  time with simple games that make us laugh, and sometimes make us think.  If there is a degree of difficulty we often play in pairs.  Its all about enjoying ourselves.  We have a break half way through for a drink and a biscuit, cost £1.00 which goes towards heating and lighting.  The next one is on 4 September.

Once again Dr Margaret Barker is holding the Temple Studies Group Summer School from Tuesday 13 August to Friday 16 August.  Each day will be from 10 am to 4 pm.