The Stepping Stones Bereavement Support Group will next meet on 12 March 2020, meetings will take place every month at 10.30am in the Parlour (off the church hall).  Anyone seeking support after a bereavement will receive a warm welcome.

Wednesday 18 March at 1.30pm.
If you are retired - come and enjoy a Film Show in the Church Hall Parlour. 

This is a friendly group and bring along suggestions for future showings.  We have a break half way through the film, which gives us a chance to chat over a drink and a biscuit ( cost £1.00).  We would love to see YOU and there would definately be a warm welcome.

We also have a Games Afternoon for the retired (mainly non-churchgoers), starting at 1.30pm, meeting in the Church Hall Parlour.  This is a relaxed  time with simple games that make us laugh, and sometimes make us think.  If there is a degree of difficulty we often play in pairs.  Its all about enjoying ourselves.  We have a break half way through for a drink and a biscuit, cost £1.00 which goes towards heating and lighting.  The next one is on 1 April.